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Tackling Indecision

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Caution sign ready tough decisions ahead
Tackling Indecision

Indecision is the inability to make a decision quickly.

Root of indecision

- fearful of making a mistake

- questioning your intuition

- thinking of judgment from others

4 Ways to tackle indecision

1. Take Your Time

Often we rush into making decisions before considering all the factors of each outcome. Rushing to make a decision forces you to think quickly but not necessarily correctly. Think through what role you play, the requirements, and how will the outcome make you feel.

2. Think strategically

Thinking not only correctly but strategically gives you the advantage to shift your mindset and choose the best outcome.

3. Let Go of The Mindset of Being Perfect

Trying to live a perfect life or trying to be perfect in everything can be exhausting. These actions result in you being hindered from making effective decisions.

4. Positively Think of The Outcome

Typically, if you are having a negative thought centered on a decision you are making or have made - then that should be your sign to stop, and recenter your thoughts by considering other possible outcomes.

Sip and Swatch Take Away: Indecision is connected to your level of self-confidence. If you take control of your self-confidence you can make clear, focused, and rewarding decisions.


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