Idonteá Richardson

 "I always knew I wanted to do something with nails growing up.  As an adolescent, I would carry my nail kit box with me where ever I went. My mother, Irish Richardson, and my grandmother, Ethel Lowery, were my first two loyal customers. At the age of five, I was painting their nails. No matter if I missed their fingernails and accidentally painted their fingers they always told me I had a gift. The older I got, I became more fascinated with nails. From choosing the color of polish, nail shape and the designs." 


                   What Do We Stand For?

     Hammered Nails was created to bring awareness to the importance of nail, mental, and physical health. We educate women through empowerment. Providing them with the information that there is an alternative to going to nail salons. Many nail salon customers are not aware of the harsh chemicals they are exposed to when entering a nail salon. These severe and unsafe compounds include but are not limited to toluene, formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, and methyl methacrylate. These compounds are damaging and can cause issues within the neurological and reproductive systems over the course of time. Salon customers who are exposed to these chemical experience headaches, dizziness, asthmas, and eye irritation. However, shopping with Hammered Nails will eliminate the hassle of fill-ins, long lines, making an appointment, contact with led lights, damaged nails, and exposure to harsh chemicals. 


     Although, going to the nail salon is becoming a necessity for women it does not have to be their only option. Hammered Nails presents a press-on manicure boutique, which caters to the needs of women online. This service is designed for women who are always on the go! But, still loves the opportunity of having that manicured look. Whether you are a mother, student, model, fashionista, actress, trendsetter, makeup artist, business owner or just working towards your daily career goals. Hammered Nails has you covered. Our online manicure boutique provides you with the service to purchase hand-painted, sculpted, and designed nails. We also give you the option to create your own customized manicure sets within minutes. Giving customers access to various nail trends. Here at Hammered Nails, you are your own nail boss. You have the leisure of being in control. Welcome to the reinvention of fashion.




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