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Lengths & Shapes

1. Kid Mini Square

2. Short Sqoval

3. Short Square

4. Medium Square

5. Long Square

6. Long Tapered Square 

7. Extra Long Tapered Square

8. Etra Long Square

9. Short Almond

10. Medium Almond

11. Long Almond 

12. Extra Long Almond 

13. Short Stiletto

14. Medium Stiletto

15. Long Stiletto

16. Long Tapered Stiletto

17. Short Coffin

18. Medium Coffin 

19. Medium Coffin Heart Tip

20. Long Coffin 

21. Long Ballerina

22. Long Tapered

23. Long Pipe

24. Extra Long Pipe

25. Extra Extra Long Tapered Stiletto

26. Extra Extra Long Stiletto

27. Long Coffin Claw

28. Extra Extra Long Tapered Coffin

29. Extra Extra Extra Extra Long Stiletto

30. Extra Extra Extra Extra Long Curve Square

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