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This nail set of 24 is designed for my prissy babe that love to party all night long and regret every second of it when they wake up with a hang over. 

Pretty Puke

  • Ready To Ship

    When a product is marked "Ready To Ship" , the item is available in the size and shape specified in the description and will ship on the next shipment day. We ship on Wednesday's and Saturdays. 

  • Care Instructions

    Grab N Go is a combination of pre-made and handmade nails. If you would like for your nails to last up to 14 days please follow these instructions. 

    • Choose your correct nail sizing. 
    • Before you glue your press-on nails on, make sure your natural nail is not longer than the fake nail. If so file it down with your nail file provided. 
    • Apply nails 
      • If the press-on nail floods your cuticle or covers the siding of your nail walls. It is too big. Meaning that is not your correct sizing.  
      • If the press-on nail does not cover your natural nail it is so small. Meaning that is not your correct sizing. 
      • However, it's always good to go bigger than smaller before gluing the nail on because you can use your nail file to reshape and trim the nail. (For assistance please book a nail consultation if you are having issues applying or finding your correct nail sizing. 
    • For Longer Wear: 
      • Always wear gloves that cover your entire hands when wearing press-on nails for longer wear. Also, I recommend using a long nose scrubber over the dish rag when wearing our press-on nails. 
        • Braze the back of your press-on nail with a nail drill or nail file to provide traction between your nail and the press-on nail.
        • Use a nail dehydrator before gluing the press-on nail to your natural nail.
        • Match your natural nail to your requested nail length. 
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